Alchemy 3.0

A puzzle game where the main goal is to turn the whole board into gold
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Alchemy is a puzzle game where the main goal is to turn the whole board into gold by placing runes on the cells so that columns or rows are formed. These runes should be placed where their signs or colors will match those in the adjacent cells. When you fill a row or column, it will disappear and you will have more space to form new combinations. To complete a level, you must continue clearing cells until the board is completely cleared.

If you cannot place a given tile onto the board, you can get rid of it by melting it, but it will cost you some points. You should also be careful because the rune melter has a very low capacity and may become overloaded if you melt more than three runes, which means that you will lose the level. As you advance in the game, it will become increasingly difficult. For instance, runes with new signs and colors will begin to appear, making combinations more difficult to make. Every time you complete a level, you will get a gem as a reward.

This game has three levels: easy, average and hard. It also offers two modes: Strategic and Time Trial. Although there is an option to get hints, using it will deduct points from your score. The game is quite challenging, and learning the rules may be difficult, but you can use the built-in tutorial to learn them. It also has fitting sound effects, but if you find them annoying, you can turn them off. The graphics fit with the theme of the game, too.

To conclude, Alchemy is an enjoyable puzzle game that will let you develop your logical thinking.

Belkis Díaz
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  • It provides a tutorial
  • The graphics fit the theme
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Two game modes


  • Its rules are difficult to learn
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